Abu Sumagah: «Bashaier Jerash 2016» will continue to detect talent and promising job creations

Executive Director of the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts Mohammed Abu Sumagah said:(Bashaier Jerash) project will continue this year, through the fifth edition, in the detection of promising talent task, so they can be to provide the public and media, and professionals, to take her by the hand, and provide advice, guidance and advice.

The Abu Sumagah stressed, who was at the Royal Cultural Centre, based on the project committee, that the project will work this year on the fields of poetry and story.Iit will be used at the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture official and private universities, and the Association of the book, to gain access to these creations.

Abu Sumagah considering that the project will serve as a workshop continuously throughout the year, with the participants in the project, in order to develop innovative new tools, and to provide them with the knowledge they need to go in the spaces of creativity and excellence.

Project supervisor fellow writer and media symbolic Ramzi Ghazawi explained that Bashaier Jerash produced in the last four years, nearly seventy percent talent, and presented to the press and the media and the people, and some of this talent festival was a launching pad for their deployment and their promotion, locally and regionally.

Ramzi said that we count on Bashaier Jerash for this year also, to be a mine rich fertile, which flow from it creative energies promising seek to highlight the true image, and taking her by the hand, and cringe difficulties that plague the way, and to provide necessary for the development, improvement and refinement of advice, aid of the expertise of the Jordanian Writers Association , universities, writers, poets, writers consecrated.



A variety of cultural events

The (Bashaier Jerash) comes in a package of important cultural events, which included thirty-first session of the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts in 2016, which will be launched in the twenty-third of next month, has been distracting cultural aspect ratio of approximately 90% of the festival program. The distribution of events in the Royal Cultural Center, and the city of Jerash, and Aloodiom theater in Amman, Jordan, where the university is involved, and Writers Association, and the Union of the book, in addition to the local culture program for the province of Jerash.

The events within the Jerash Festival kicks off in the third of the month next July at the Royal Cultural Center activities of the International Symposium on Intellectual Celsius Great Arab Revolt. Among the cultural events at the festival will be held «Arab Poetry Festival», which takes place under the supervision by the Jordanian Writers Association, the Ortimos Jerash theater, and theater Aloodiom in Amman.

The festival administration made sure to set a number of cultural events for a number of intellectuals and writers of the sons of Jerash through cultural bodies in the province and will participate in these events more than (20), writer and poet, and media in the evenings which will take place on Artemis Theater. They are Dr. Ali Qoukzh, media Hosni Otoum, poet Mohammed Mahasna, poet Ezzat Amin, Dr. Mohamed Mahasna, a researcher Ali Odibat, poet Sohail Atom, Ahmed Hussein Al Zoubi, Dr. Naim Khawaldeh, Mervat Zureikat, Ahaarali Nubani, Radwan Bani Mustafa, Dr. Atef Odibat , Jabr Hammad, Khaldoun Bani Omar, the poet Hisham al-Banna, Dr. Nabil Otoum, Sabri Jawabra, Abdul Karim Sharman, Mohammed Okla Qoukzh, Mohammed Odibat.

It was agreed between the festival management and the Writers' Union Jordanians and writers to set up a seminar and three poetry evenings at the Union Building in Amman for a number of writers and poets of the members of the Union they are:

  • Alian Adwan
  • Mahmoud Rahal
  • Mustafa Khashman
  • Badi Rabah
  • Saeb Qadi
  • Bade’ Rabbah
  • Hikmat Azzeh
  • Fawzi al-Abed
  • Adnan Rahahalh
  • Awad Al Mubarak
  • Zayed Al-Sarhan
  • Ibrahim Alsawaeer.