The main square in Jerash Festival.. platform for cultural creations

The main square of the Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts is one of the most prominent spaces that overlooks festival-goers, including the colors of the creations of human culture.

The festival has given the management of this important arena that allows for the family of Jordanian, Arab and other visitors to the Kingdom the opportunity to follow the main local, Arab and foreign folkloric presentations, as well as to introduce them to many of the new Jordanian votes.

According to festival director Mohammed Abu Smagh, stepped up the festival to attend the votes and the owners of local talent as well as hosting many teams that reflect the Jordanian map folk in all governorates of the Kingdom, there is also the upcoming Arab teams from Palestine, Egypt, carrying local Falaklorha to meet the need for diversity in tastes and interests.

In a look at the program of the main square of this year's festival, which kicks off next month, a lot of the Jordanian technical names involved, including: deer, Mohammed Abu Ghraib, Saad Abu Tayeh, Mona Haddad, Nayef Al-Zayed, the return increases, Imad salary, Ala Maaytah, Amir Salah , Hadeel Karajeh, Rami Mohammad Sultan, Zain, princess star, Ghassan Tallawy, Omar Ta'ani, Salim Yasrh, star Salman, Mohammad dividends, Raafat Fouad, Mohamed Kandil, Mahmoud Al-Khayat, Ibrahim Farah, Ali Hamadeh, Hassan Ramzi, Abdullah Saraireh, Ghassan Abu Safiya, Khaled Barakat, Khair Abu Eid.

And ascend the main square in the festival, many of the local teams that provide links from popular arts and singing, including teams: young Kafr Khaaf center, the northern Jordan Valley Band, Tafeileh band, young Jerash, heritage gloss, Alrajv band, the Northern Badia band, also salutes the Palestinian division of Jerusalem ( refugees folk Art), a number of folk and their links.