The death of the Jordanian poet and calligrapher Ali Mubarak

Jordanian attributed Writers poet and calligrapher Jordanian Ali Mubarak, who died on Tuesday, Association. 06/14/2016. And gave the late poet and calligrapher, through literary career, many poetry collections, including: "numbering Scorpio" and "Poems from across the border," and "Song of silence before solutions.

And it goes also noted that "every era of literary eras book and creators, it is true, but true, and you cannot, no matter how you try, be made of non-poet, a poet, and you cannot make it a bad poem good poem, but will remain and will not last for only masterpieces, and always there looking for pearls in Arabic literature, poems pearls always existed, and always the question remains: who is it that brings a beautiful diver decade of pearl innermost or discovers a sea full of pearls.