Tweissi: cultural development plan that includes two concepts of the Kingdom

Culture Minister Dr. Adel Tweissi stressed the importance of cultural development plan for the period 2017- 2019, to read the challenges facing the cultural sector in the Kingdom and the work of the ministry and its departments.

Tweissi said: under its first meeting yesterday morning Committee of the Ministry of Culture planning, said the plan titled (cultural reform gate of the political and social reform), will include the Jordanian state concepts in confronting extremism and terrorism.

He said, at the meeting which was attended by Secretary General of the Ministry Mamoun Talhouni, Director General of the Royal Cultural Center Mohammed Abu Smagh, the Director General of the National Library Department Mohammed Younis al-Abadi,

He has been the formation of a committee headed by the poet Grace cyan and membership of a number of intellectuals and heads of cultural institutions mission inventory of all programs, projects and activities and events of cultural and artistic currently in force in the ministry, and to consider the cultural viability of these projects, in preparation for the addition of new projects or maintain these projects, or abolish exhausted, including goals and the reasons for its continuation.

Tweissi said: The committee was formed also headed by writer Samih Maaytah and a number of owners of expertise and experience in project creative full-time, to consider the cultural feasibility of this project, in preparation for the resumption of the work done, with the presentation of proposals to develop it and recite accordance with the standards and goals which it was established that the project, or cancel If exhausted its objectives and the reasons for its continuation.

Referred to the cultural development plan for the period 2017- 2019 is the second plan formulated by Dr. Tweissi, having had a previous plan for cultural development status during his Ministry of Culture in 2006-2007, during which more than twenty projects develop culturally and programs, the most important project of creative sabbatical, The draft family or reading for all library, and the project cities Jordanian culture.