عرض للأزياء الشعبية الأرمنية في المركز الثقافي الملكي

    أقامت اللجنة الثقافية للنادي الوطني الرياضي، مساء أمس، في المركز الثقافي الملكي بالتعاون مع مركز ديريان الثقافي في جمهورية أرمينيا، عرضا للأزياء الشعبية الأرمنية المنتشرة في عدد من المقاطعات. وصاحب العرض الذي أقيم بمناسبة احتفالية عمان عاصمة للثقافة الإسلامية، وحضره وزير الثقافة نبيه شقم، فقرات غنائية وموسيقية أرمنية، ورقصات شعبية قدمت من قبل الطلبة الأرمن الدارسين في الجامعات الأردنية ضمن برامج التبادل الثقافي الأكاديمي بين الأردن وأرمينيا، ومن قبل أبناء الأرمن الأردنيين. كما قدمت عازفة البيانو لويزا ابازيان مقطوعة موسيقية للموسيقار الأرمني اليكساندر هاروتونيان حملت عنوان "أمسية في سهول أرارات". وقال وزير الثقافة في تصريح صحفي ان مثل هذه الفعاليات الثقافية تبرز التنوع الثقافي الموجود في المجتمع الأردني ويعبر عن انسجام كل فئاته، معربا عن تقديره لجه ..

أبو سماقة: العبد اللات نجم جرش 2017


غرد مدير المركز الثقافي الملكي مدير مهرجان جرش محمد ابو سماقة على صفحته الرسمية عبر فيسبوك، داعماً للفنان الأردني عمر العبدالات.
وقال أبو سماقة "عندما نحتفي بالمبدع الأردني وعندما نغني معا للأردن بالتأكيد سيكون خيارنا مع صوت الأردن الفنان النجم العربي عمر العبداللات ليكون نجم وصوت جرش لعام 2017 في افتتاح ليالي وحفلات المهرجان يوم 20/7/2017".

The signing of a memorandum of understanding between the group and the Abu Haj Jerash Festival:

At the Cultural Village in Al-Hussein Gardens and in the presence of His Excellency the President of the Supreme Committee of the Jerash Festival signing of a memorandum of understanding between the culture of the Jerash Festival, Arts and Abu al-Haj Investment Group (taxi distinctive), where the MoU aims to promote the festival and events through the taxi featured as signed a Memorandum understanding by Mr. Abu Eid al-Haj, chairman of Abu al-Haj Investment Group and Mohammed Abu Smagh executive director of the Jerash cultural Festival. Executive Director of the festival Mohammad Abu Smagh said: the move was unprecedented and the first media advertising initiative in Jordan to promote the festival through (300) taxi distinctive new, and will follow this campai ..

Abu Sumagah: «Bashaier Jerash 2016» will continue to detect talent and promising job creations

Executive Director of the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts Mohammed Abu Sumagah said:(Bashaier Jerash) project will continue this year, through the fifth edition, in the detection of promising talent task, so they can be to provide the public and media, and professionals, to take her by the hand, and provide advice, guidance and advice. The Abu Sumagah stressed, who was at the Royal Cultural Centre, based on the project committee, that the project will work this year on the fields of poetry and story.Iit will be used at the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture official and private universities, and the Association of the book, to gain access to these creations. Abu Sumagah considering that the project will serve as a workshop continuously thro ..

Exhibition "image of Wadena" in Aqaba

    Within the activities of the Jordanian city of Aqaba Culture 2016 Director of the judiciary and the Wadi Araba, Ibrahim Najadat opened the exhibition "Image of Wadena," filming a photographer Paddy Ben Srour Alsaidyn and the support of the Ministry of Culture. And it offered a series of photos in the youth badminton Model Center that talk about the aesthetic and the region due to its breathtaking views and areas of archaeological dating back to ancient times, and have been exhibiting products from handicrafts. Opening Aqaba Youth Directorate Director, and Chairman of the Department of Youth Affairs and a number of citizens attended. Head of Youth Badminton Center Sultan Rawashdah said that such activities promote the concept of preserving the na ..

Tweissi: cultural development plan that includes two concepts of the Kingdom

Culture Minister Dr. Adel Tweissi stressed the importance of cultural development plan for the period 2017- 2019, to read the challenges facing the cultural sector in the Kingdom and the work of the ministry and its departments. Tweissi said: under its first meeting yesterday morning Committee of the Ministry of Culture planning, said the plan titled (cultural reform gate of the political and social reform), will include the Jordanian state concepts in confronting extremism and terrorism. He said, at the meeting which was attended by Secretary General of the Ministry Mamoun Talhouni, Director General of the Royal Cultural Center Mohammed Abu Smagh, the Director General of the National Library Department Mohammed Younis al-Abadi, He has been the formation of ..

The main square in Jerash Festival.. platform for cultural creations

The main square of the Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts is one of the most prominent spaces that overlooks festival-goers, including the colors of the creations of human culture. The festival has given the management of this important arena that allows for the family of Jordanian, Arab and other visitors to the Kingdom the opportunity to follow the main local, Arab and foreign folkloric presentations, as well as to introduce them to many of the new Jordanian votes. According to festival director Mohammed Abu Smagh, stepped up the festival to attend the votes and the owners of local talent as well as hosting many teams that reflect the Jordanian map folk in all governorates of the Kingdom, there is also the upcoming Arab teams from Palestine, Egypt, carryi ..

The death of the Jordanian poet and calligrapher Ali Mubarak

Jordanian attributed Writers poet and calligrapher Jordanian Ali Mubarak, who died on Tuesday, Association. 06/14/2016. And gave the late poet and calligrapher, through literary career, many poetry collections, including: "numbering Scorpio" and "Poems from across the border," and "Song of silence before solutions. And it goes also noted that "every era of literary eras book and creators, it is true, but true, and you cannot, no matter how you try, be made of non-poet, a poet, and you cannot make it a bad poem good poem, but will remain and will not last for only masterpieces, and always there looking for pearls in Arabic literature, poems pearls always existed, and always the question remains: who is it that brings a beautiful diver decade of pearl innermost o ..

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